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Belka Project

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St. Petersburg, Russian Federation


My name is Bogdan. I study at ITMO University on the Master’s program which call "Urban IT". Despite of this, i’m not a programer or a tech student. This education helping me to seek a new competence, skills and knowledge. I've always been interested in becoming a technical specialist or a person who will be well versed in technical issues. But to be honest, I’m a specialist of economics and management because my first education base is "Commerce and Marketing" in the St. Petersburg State University of Economics. I got Bachelor’s degree there. I worked at different place: in big inc Gazprom Transgaz, at Departament HR at my University and etc. I did some academic projects at the University. Some my starts was good some was bad. Now, I work at Belka Project Consulting Group and sometimes I work an art-broker. I learn all about technologies, markets, Venture investments and more by this topic. Today, I trying to seek a new interesting way for doing something for our world. *** The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do. ***


- Create investment documentation;
- Work on preparing a business plan;
- Organize the entire product chain;
- Monitor the operating plan of a small company;
- Engage in finding partners and investors;
- and etc.