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ITMO University


Medmetrix Inc.

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Saint-Petersbourg, Russian Federation



My name is Catherine. I’m a first-year master student at the Saint-Petersburg State University of Economics, master program “Economics of Small Business and Start-up”. My interest is startups. I like my job, I’m an analyst-marketer at the small new company in the digital health sphere. I want to become a start-up developer in future.


Team-working ( i like case-cracking, i have a lot of achivement of team-working);
Presentation ( i have a practice of creation investment presentation);
Analysing ( i have a practice of working in a private investment fund and analysing trends and markets was one of my duties);
Planning and sales ( my present duties at my job plus accounting, formation of contracts, supporting R&D processes, working on a grant proposal etc);
Start-up methodologies ( i know, understand and use: cusdev, ostervalder business-modelling, lean start-up, unit-economics, mvp etc.)
Pitching ( i have a science researches and i regulary participate in the conferences and other)