Boldmaa's Profile


The National University of Mongolia


Information Technology division, NUM

Job Title

Interface designer




Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia


I graduated from School of Information technology, NUM, with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Graphics and Design. After I graduated from university, I have worked for IT division, NUM, for about three years as an interface designer of university information system. Daily, I usually do analyze user’s requirements and create web design or graphic works, which are video introductions and brochures. This information system interacts with users who are staffs, students, teachers and heads of the university.


Interface design, Responsive frameworks (bootstrap, semantic ui), Front-end development(html, css, jquery), 3D modeling and Moving 3D model using Motion Sensor Microsoft Kinect, Computer graphics, Fundamental of database and programming(java, c++, mysql)

Tools - Adobe Photoshop, Adobe after effect, Adobe inDesign, Adobe premiere, Balsamiq mockup and Adobe 3Ds max