Hasitha Prageeth's Profile


Colombo, Sri Lanka


I am a passionate undergraduate with a thirst for new technology and to learn new things. I'm interested in Entrepreneurship, Startups, Open Source Software, Desktop and Mobile App Developments, Web Developments, Graphics Programming, Project Management and Business Analysis. I would also like to spend my leisure time on engaging in social and volunteer activities, which are related to science and technology, education, environment, arts and culture and social services. I always like to pounce on new opportunities and take up challenges, which will improve my skills and make me a better person in the society.


Technical Skills

Android, Java, ASP .Net, C#, C, C++, Python, SQL , JavaScript, PHP, CSS, Bootstrap, JSON, HTML, Google Analytics, Adwords, SEO, Photoshop, After Effects

Other Skills

Good communication skills, Team leadership skills, Team building skills, Event planning skills, Good presentation skills, Photography skills, Video editing and production skills