Levhuwani Rampai's Profile


ekhuruleni, South Africa


A psychologist in training, a philosopher ,filmmaker, entrepreneur and project manager with a passion for multidisciplinary application and commercialization of social problem solving by integration of economic operations in the informal sector with formal business, as well as developing strategies and building relationships to Set-up or facilitate co-operatives and the networking in informal trade systems as well as identifying micro-financial investment opportunities ,as well developing strategies to manage and develop projects in micro-finance and property development sector in Southern Africa.


Project managing: setting priorities, delegating, motivating and developing teams and, communicating objectives clearly for defined performance goals. Critical thinking for problem solving logically.Communication skills and demonstrative emotional intelligence. Values and celebrates differences, able to build rapport, form alliances and negotiate effectively for collaboration as well as managing scope and objectives of projects, recognizing the roles and responsibilities of others to become an effective member of a cross-functional team