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Johannesburg, South Africa


I was born in 1985 which was 9 years before Nelson Mandela was released from prison it was a time that is often referred to as "the birth pains of democracy". I grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa and completed high school (in the public system) and started a tertiary education at the University of The Witwatersrand. I completed a triple major in Physics, Maths and Environmental science as well as an honors degree in Geophysics. I worked as a geophysicist in a consulting firm and travelled around Africa working as a consultant. When I got back to South Africa I decided to try the corporate world and worked for the largest Bank in Africa where I moved from global markets, environmental management and then to investment banking. After 4 years of banking I decided that I craved more for my life. I had an urge to be disruptive in a space and cause some sort of change. I started pushing myself towards becoming a full time entrepreneur. I felt like it gave me the opportunity to express myself without any limitations or rules. I found myself partnering with 2 university friends who hold Phd's in computer science and applied mathematics. We now provide optimization and algorithmic solutions for companies in Africa. It was difficult to leave a solid job and venture out on my own but for the first time I felt like I started to living. Some of the challenges we face as an African start up is being young, having no back-up or track record and that's where we had to learn how to become creative and master start-up company survival skills that are a pre-requisite e.g. convincing experts in large companies and making them believe in our brand... so much so that they will part with their precious money. We had to grow up fast and hustle our way in.