Ronal Arela's Profile


Universidad Católica San Pablo


Aurum Consultoría y Mercado

Job Title

Analista Senior






Arequipa, Peru


My name is Ronal, I'm 24 years old, I studied business management between 2009 and 2013 in the San Pablo Catholic University; before that, I studied telecommunication engineering, but just two years. I'm teacher's assistant of econometrics in the San Pablo Catholic University. I have been working as senior analyst in a consulting firm in Arequipa called Aurum Consultoría y Mercado since 2012. I participated as assistant in the "Competitive Strategy for Arequipa" leaded by Michael Porter on this summer.


Economics and econometrics
Business modeling
Market research
Business Planning
Strategy Planning

I enrolled in this program because I want to start a business company based on technology and show to the people how technology can help us to be more efficient, productive and how it creates value using data analysis, for example. I want to start a company that creates value through the market data analysis and help the market to be more efficient, especially in poor countries. Because of that, I think this program will help me to understand better how start a business based on technology. Furthermore, I want to share this knowledge with my partners and other students.