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Pretoria, South Africa


My background is in Medical Science Research. I did my undergraduate degree at the University of Pretoria majoring in Anatomy and Physiology. I subsequently found that the laboratory was not a fit for my personality, and started out in sales in the pharmaceutical industry. I was successful in growing sales in the most challenging territory in the country for a migraine specialist product manufactured by a major multinational pharmaceutical company. After which I decided to take time off to travel which I did in the UK for 2 years. I went back into sales for a different multinational on my return and was once again successful and was asked to support sales operations in the company which involved sales force sizing and capabilities, market research and intelligence, and project management. My passion however is in is entrepreneurship, and this prompted me to do a masters program majoring in Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation with the Wits Business School. After which I left formal employment, and currently am running a media company, and am involved in a technology start-up, which has ambitions to offer an incubation platform.


I learn very fast, so I am able to gain knowledge in new industries quickly to be able to spot opportunities and ways I can exploit them.

I research well, both academically and market, so my knowledge is well rounded to be able to make informed decisions.

I have analytical skills which have helped me be successful in the past to influence decisions based on market intelligence.

I have entrepreneurial skills which have helped me start, organise and manage an enterprise.

I have communication skills, which have helped me gain the trust of customers to be successful as a sales person.