Timothy Flusk's Profile


University of the Witwatersrand






Johannesburg, South Africa


I was introduced to digital interaction simultaneously through video games (through dedicated consoles) and the computer. Functionally, it was the first medium that consumed me. As time went on, I stopped playing video games as often (they're quite expensive) and I appreciated books, music and film (with an expected focus on animation), yet I was subconsciously aware that in digital media - specifically video games and eventually games in general - had a level depth to them that I could not fathom at the time. I attempted to gain and hone skills as a writer mostly, but I did try to understand elements of music and film - which has served me greatly in my work as a game designer. I had many interests, of course, and in 2009 I began programming in Java, as time went on I looked at Python, C++, C# and a few of languages inspired by C. At points, I've even been fascinated by the obscure programming languages of Brainfuck and Piet. In 2012, I entered my degree, officially called a Bachelor of Engineering Science in Digital Arts (BEngSci Digital Arts). This is a degree focused on game design with a bias towards the engineering of video games (the programming). Regardless, me and my peers have to interact with many artists and we are trained to be designers in many aspects (from code to people). One way of explaining the degree (and hopefully, myself) is as a means of producing People's Engineers (ownership apostrophe is intentional) as opposed to Systems Engineers. I enjoy this description as it reminds me that my skills are directed at producing experiences, applications and systems that are for and about people and making their lives better.


I have produced prototype application for Android and Windows Phone ( in the Java and C# languages appropriately ).
I am most proficient in the C# language.
I also have experience working with Android, Windows Phone.

The specific game development technologies I use are GameMaker and Unity3D, with some experience working in Blender ( 3D modelling software), GIMP (image manipulation software), Photoshop and Spine (2D bone animation software).

I have been part of many team projects and am simultaneously adept at ensuring the team members complete the work assigned to them and ensuring the work I produce is compatible with the team's ideology and workflow.